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Yes, I am a Business Coach, focusing on the actions and numbers that effect the scoreboard. But I coach the person first, they build the business – Vince Fowler


Attention: Hello – I am Vince Fowler, the owner of this perfectly positioned digital real estate, My Business Coach Calgary.

I am the co-founder of Vested Interest Group Inc. and yes – I continue to provide Business Coaching and Executive Coaching services, based here in Calgary, Alberta.

You might be asking yourself, “Why is this site still live?” Well, that’s a great question. This was my very first website that I built in 2010 and I worked really hard to earn my Google rankings. 😉 Why would I shut it down?

Have a look around, contact me here or join me at Vested Interest Group Inc. and you’ll see the evolution in my professional growth… which is exactly what I aim to deliver for my clients. Growth! Maybe that’s YOU!

Business Coaching

What kind of person works with a Business Coach? Positive and forward-thinking people, people who challenge the status quo, people who believe in better.

Is that you?

Working with a Business Coach means you want to achieve more in life and business, to ensure you’re living life on your terms!

I believe that individual, one-on-one, coaching is one of the quickest and most effective ways to achieve the most out of you, your team and your business. Are you ready to invest the time and energy to make it happen?

Workshops & Seminars

Are you someone who is obsessed with personal mastery, someone who values learning in a group environment where you can actively engage with others and benefit from the contribution of collective shared knowledge… then this is it!

WORKshops are just that, work. We don’t subscribe to the idea of a talking head at the front of the room.

As a Small Business owner, your time is one of your most precious resources – we promise we won’t waste it. We believe in sharing knowledge in a way that allows you to gain clarity in purpose, giving you the confidence to execute.

Corporate Solutions

Are you looking for an outside voice, an experienced presenter, and an on-point and on-trend message to help you educate your team?

We are in the trenches, shoulder to shoulder with Small Business owners every day. Thus we have a variety of prepared and customized workshops to meet the needs of your growing team and business.

Whether you are looking for a half-day solution to rally the team, a two-day intensive, in addition to your corporate retreat or something in-between, we have you covered and the content to back it up.

What others say about Vince Fowler
Business Coach Calgary

Vince Fowler is an accomplished Business Coach who has been working with me personally since January 2012. Throughout 2012, Vince worked with me to focus in on the important aspects of my business and has contributed to making 2012 the best year ever.

Vince, thanks for the awesome guidance in 2014 as well! It was my business’s 2nd best year ever (just short of the best). It was also my biggest travel year ever!

Trevor DreherSenior Financial Consultant, Investor’s Group - Calgary AB

We hired Vince Fowler after struggling for years with the leadership style of a foreman. Vince worked with both the foreman and his team with impressive results. Vince’s tools, materials, strategies and recommendations were easy to comprehend, practical and implementable.

If you want results (which he’ll make you work for) I highly recommend giving Vince a call.

Adam CzarneckiHR Manager, Great West Kenworth, Calgary AB